Volunteer Requirements

Due to administrative and legal reasons, volunteers are required to:

  1. Be medical students currently enrolled at UCSF
  2. Be willing to commit to at least 2 Saturday shifts
  3. Have taken or be currently enrolled in the Clinica elective: FCM 184, Current Issues in Latino Health. At this time, the elective is only offered in the fall quarter.

FCM 184 Requirements

  • Attend 6 of 7 course meetings on Monday afternoons from 12:10 - 1:30 PM beginning Sept 20, 2010 in HSW-300.

Additional requirements for Medical Student Volunteers at Clinica

  1. Attend the 1.5 hour Clinica orientation that will provide information about: the clinic flow; and SOAP note writing. In 2010, this session will immediately follow the Sept 20 FCM 184 course meeting.
  2. Attend a 2 hour evening session on working with an interpreter. This session will lead participants through exercises in working with interpreters to help ensure that volunteers are able to work effectively and efficiently with interpreters at Clinica.

An optional needle safety and skills training will be held on Oct 12 & Oct 14 from 6-8PM in the Medical Sciences building. This session will train participants to perform: phlebotomy; vaccination; and possibly PPD placement. With the exception of PPD placement, these are the procedures most commonly performed by medical students at Clinica. Instructions about how to sign up for the training will be emailed to participants.

FCM 184 Syllabus 2010

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