Medical Student Coordinator Positions

Clínica Martín-Baró

UCSF Medical Student Coordinator Descriptions

  1. All coordinators will be asked to develop a “How-To” guide for respective positions to ease transitional processes in the future.
  2. All coordinators will be asked to rotate attendance on Monday meetings and Saturday Clinic days (one coordinator should be present every Saturday). As well as attend major CMB events (fundraisers, health fairs, etc).
  3. To become a coordinator, medical students must apply in January using the application form on this website, and be interviewed and approved by the Clinica board.

Medical Student Coordinator:

  • Recruit, schedule and coordinate Medical Student volunteers for CMB Saturday Clinic.
  • Provide names, emails, contact information for MS volunteers who will be volunteering, prior to scheduled Saturday.
  • Provide quarterly calendar of scheduled MS volunteers
  • Recruit mix of students (1st year-3rd years) to account for exam schedules and skill levels (i.e. phlebotomy trained).
  • Inform SFSU CMB members of and participate in, recruitment events at UCSF (tabling, welcome weeks, etc) when possible.
  • Work with FCM Coordinator in setting reminders for MS volunteers on FCM YahooGroup.

Mentorship Coordinator:

  • Mentorship includes activities with members, presentations by Med Students, guest lecturers from the community or academia.
  • Work with SFSU students to develop mentorship curriculum to be presented during Monday meetings.
  • Plan two social activities (UCSF/SFSU) per year.
  • Present (on health topics such as diabetes, hypertension, etc) 3 times a semester for the RAZA 210 course at SFSU.
  • Host information sessions for interested SFSU students on applying to medical school
  • Match SFSU students with medical student mentors for the med school application process

Fundraising Coordinator, Grants:

  • Apply for pertinent grants (including mentorship funds), keeping open communication with SFSU Grant-writing committee members.
  • Plan one fundraising event per quarter.
  • Financial goal is to raise $3-5k per year.
  • Give a brief description on event outcomes and pictures to CMB Historian.
  • Apply for funding at UCSF. CMB is a campus based organization and can apply for moneys to fund community service events like health fairs or educational/outreach events like mentoring and teaching activities. Work with Mentorship Coordinator to secure mentorship funds.

Fundraiser Coordinator, Treasury:

  • Track UCSF accounts (deposit, withdraws, etc) and keep detailed written records, including copies of any checks deposited.
  • A financial record should be emailed to SFSU Treasurer whenever there is a change in the account (deposit or withdrawal or transfer btw accounts).
  • Of the dual accounts (one at UCSF and one at SFSU), CMB makes every effort to put money raised in SFSU account because of the 24% deduction at UCSF for all in kind donations/grants.
  • Meet with SFSU Treasurer every quarter to review and balance accounts.

IT Coordinator:

  • Setup registry/database.
  • Arrange training/demonstration of basic features during a Monday meeting.
  • Maintain regular updates and quality control measures of technology-based applications.
  • Maintain availability for technical support and trouble-shooting by email or phone.

FCM Coordinator:

  • To coordinate FCM electives at UCSF and SFSU: including scheduling speakers, turning in grades, monitoring attendance, creating lecture or speaker schedule prior to beginning of class and communicating schedule changes to enrolled students .
  • Monitor FCM Yahoogroup and work with MS Coordinator in setting reminders for MS volunteers.
  • Provide FCM students with orientation packet that includes flow of clinic and clear instructions for Saturday clinics.
  • Work with SFSU consortium coordinator for the SFSU elective course component and complete appropriate paperwork in a timely manner.
  • Include presentation regarding Ignacio Martín-Baró (preferably by Professor Kury).

Preceptor Coordinator:

  • Recruit, schedule and coordinator UCSF preceptors and community physicians for Saturday CMB Clinic.
  • Provide calendar of scheduled preceptors in advance, posted to the CMB YahooGroup.
  • Email any contact information available to Monitors (in case of emergency) before Saturday clinic.
  • Facilitate process of community physicians becoming UCSF volunteer faculty in order to volunteer at CMB.
  • Begin recruitment of physicians outside of primary care and coordinator with Referrals/Patient Navigation committee co-chairs. For example, a community ophthalmologist willing to accept referrals of CMB patients.
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